Geocells are honeycomb shaped structures with thickness ranging from 75mm to 200mm, manufactured from continuous polyethylene PE with ultrasonic soldering.

The structure opens like an accordion and therefore can be transported and stored with minimal space and successively opened during installation. Thus, it creates a series of completely interconnected, regular ovoid cells.

Geocells provide high tensile properties to assure its confinement and reinforcement functions (up to 0.57kN/5cm of the tens of sheet materials) (up to 1kN/20cm of the tensile strength of welded seams). It is therefore particularly useful for the foundation reinforcement of high ways and railways, protection of steep slope, dykes, dams and earth walls.


    1) Avoids base breaking, reduce tiny sinking side moving

    2) Improves construction rate of progress

    3) Easy and convenient assembling; saving time, labor, and money when filling

    4) Suitable for strengthening base of airplane lane and large-sized constructions

    5) Prevents tiny sinking from ground breaking; improves loading capacity of base; reduces maintaining charges


    1to stable the bed of railway

    2to stable the bed of road

    3to bear the loading dykes and walls

    4to administer shallow water and river

    5to support pipeline and sewer

    6to prevent landslide and to be used as compound walls to support loading

    7to be used in dependent walls, wharfs and bank and so on

    8to govern sand, beach, river bank and riverbed

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